Astrophysics Graduate Study
at the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Quarters to Semesters 2012-2013

Students interested in pursuing advanced study and research in astrophysics at Ohio University must fulfill general physics course requirements specified by the department, and are encouraged to complete additional coursework providing a solid background in contemporary astrophysics. A suggested course sequence for the first two years is provided below for students interested in pursuing this option.

1st YEAR
Fall Winter Spring
551 QM 611 QM 612 QM
605 Cl Mech 607 ED 608 ED
516 Math Phys 615 MM 512 Stat Mech

2nd YEAR
Fall Winter Spring
501 Stellar Astro(1) 650 G Relativity(2) 502 Gal & ISM(1)
609 ED (2) . 523 Optics (2)
696 Spec Study 696 Spec Study 696 Spec Study

(1) 501 (Stellar Astrophysics), 502 (Galactic & Interstellar Astrophysics), 503 (Extragalactic Astrophysics & Cosmology), and 510 (Observational Astrophysics) are offered on a rotating basis in the fall and spring quarters; consequently most students will need to take one or two of these courses in their third year.
(2) Recommended electives.

Students are required to attend the weekly Colloquium (PHYS 891) and should also plan on participating in PHYS 897F, Astrophysics Research Seminar.

The detailed course of study and choice of electives may be adjusted, based on the student's level of background and interests. Students wishing to pursue the astrophysics option should meet with Profs. Böttcher, Clowe, Shields, or Statler for further information and discussion of research possibilities.

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