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Markus Böttcher
Doug Clowe
Mangala Sharma
Joe Shields
Tom Statler (ApI Director)

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Carl Brune
Doug Green
Keith Milam
Daniel Phillips
M. Prakash

George Eberts
Tom O'Grady

Graduate Students:
Desiree Cotto-Figueroa
Manasvita Joshi
Sergey Postnikov
Brett Ragozzine
David Riethmiller
Parisa Roustazadeh

PhD Graduate Alumni:
Jakob Bak
Laura Birzan
Anca Constantin
Steven Diehl
Justin Finke
Swati Gupta
Yurii Pidopryhora
David Rafferty
Bassem Sabra
Robert Salow


Normal Galaxies
Galactic Nuclei
Galaxy Clusters
Interstellar Medium
Near-Earth Asteroids
Nuclear Astrophysics

BAAS Annual Reports 1995-2004


Planet Panorama exhibit available to public
Doug Clowe named Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
Ohio University Joins University Space Research Association


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Green Bank 2006
Carl Heiles 2006
Ohio University joins MDM 2005
Ohio Section APS Meeting 2004
Osterbrock Visit 2003
Green Bank 2002
MDM Observatory 2000


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Stretching the Rainbow Chandra EPO Program
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