Astronomy Columns from the Columbus Dispatch

by Ohio University Faculty

by Tom Statler New observatory captures cosmic rays from far away (09 Dec 2008)
Scientists compete for time to use observatory telescope (11 Nov 2008)
NASA has its hands full with growing Hubble to-do list (14 Oct 2008)
Evidence grows that center of Milky Way is a black hole (16 Sep 2008)
North Star pulses brightly with constant change (19 Aug 2008)
Scientific knowledge grows through human interaction (22 Jul 2008)
Earthly energy sources have their origins in the cosmos (24 Jun 2008)
Telescope launch will open our eyes to gamma rays (20 May 2008)
Cosmologists closing in on exact age of universe (15 Apr 2008)
Method to find new planets leaves trail of questions (18 Mar 2008)
Clouds force astronomers to wait, then work fast (19 Feb 2008)
Predicting asteroid's path is an imprecise science (15 Jan 2008)
Stargazers remember their first planetarium shows (01 Jan 2008)
There are times when the light bulb really does go on (18 Dec 2007)
Young-Earth creationists continue to miss big picture (20 Nov 2007)
Age of universe cannot be refigured to fit Bible (23 Oct 2007)
NASA mission seeks out dwarf planet, asteroid (25 Sep 2007)
Sun's rays put even tiniest particles under pressure (28 Aug 2007)
Art project draws on science to push limits of perspective (31 Jul 2007)
Over-the-hill star may help pinpoint universe's age (03 Jul 2007)
Mercury's slight wobble indicative of molten core (06 Jun 2007)
Superstar Cepheids shine light on expanding universe (01 May 2007)
Scientist's quiet observation ushered in modern astronomy (27 Mar 2007)
Dark-matter mystery: Its force can be seen, its source cannot (27 Feb 2007)
Climate changes on Mars, Venus should serve as lesson (30 Jan 2007)
Scientists from all around the world will have a hand shaping our future (02 Jan 2007)
Our search for intelligent life is in its technological infancy (07 Nov 2006)
Pair showed Big Bang theory could stand up to cosmic tests (10 Oct 2006)
Scientists racing to discover how black holes blast energy (15 Aug 2006)
Gravity synchronizes planets, moons in their orbital dance (18 Jul 2006)
Scientists working to defend Earth from asteroid bullies (20 Jun 2006)
Astronomers keeping an eye on what's hurtling by in space (23 May 2006)
Steady setup, long exposures key to clear astrophotography (25 Apr 2006)
Possibility of 'hyperuniverse' may never be confirmed (28 Mar 2006)
When the Sun goes down, they get a light in their eyes (28 Feb 2006)
Galaxies appear peaceful from afar, X-ray images show (31 Jan 2006)
Hold on to your space helmet and take a ride in Saturn's rings (03 Jan 2006)
Asteroid mission may provide clues to Earths composition (06 Dec 2005)
Universe billions of years old, astronomers studies suggest (08 Nov 2005)
A little biology can explain complexities of the universe (11 Oct 2005)
Planets or not, discoveries still show how solar systems form (13 Sep 2005)
by Ken Hicks NASA tracking solar winds that make Northern Lights (16 Dec 2008)
Life is a tricky balance of carbon and oxygen (18 Nov 2008)
Nobel laureates' work reaches back to Big Bang (21 Oct 2008)
Big science calls for big investments (23 Sep 2008)
Particle accelerator promises great discoveries (26 Aug 2008)
Space tourism explores a different role in science (27 May 2008)
Einstein's relativity theory stands up to tests for now (22 Apr 2008)
A trip to the stars will take a new propulsion system (25 Mar 2008)
Messenger spacecraft gleans clues to Mercury's past (26 Feb 2008)
New solar cycle portends bright lights, possible perils (22 Jan 2008)
Stargazers remember their first planetarium shows (01 Jan 2008)
The time is right to celebrate the Sun's winter "rebirth" (25 Dec 2007)
Newly found planet suggests a system similar to our own (27 Nov 2007)
Japanese satellite promises to provide new look at moon (30 Oct 2007)
Establishing a base on the moon is fraught with risk (07 Aug 2007)
Physics, astronomy come together to date supernovae (10 Jul 2007)
NASA chief must arise from shadow of politics, defend scientific efforts (12 Jun 2007)
Discovery of Earth-like planet hints at possibility of life (08 May 2007)
China's moon aspirations more politics than science (03 Apr 2007)
Antarctica a perfect spot for watching stars births (06 Feb 2007)
Indications of water on Mars lift hopes for life elsewhere (09 Jan 2007)
Bethlehem star once unified astronomy and astrology (12 Dec 2006)
Saving Hubble: Why NASA made the right choice to fix the space telescope (14 Nov 2006)
Mysterious neutron stars might yield clues to universe (17 Oct 2006)
Neutrino detectors use power of particle to track supernovae (19 Sep 2006)
by Brian McNamara Technology drives surge in telescope improvements (02 May 2006)
Carbon in coal was created by stars billions of years ago (04 Apr 2006)
Tiny neutrinos help provide insight on origin of universe (07 Mar 2006)
Studies of Pluto and stardust seek insight into questions of life on Earth (07 Feb 2006)
Growth of big galaxies defies chief theory of cosmic order (10 Jan 2006)

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