Braslavsky's Biophysics Lab

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Research interests:
Antifreeze Protein investigation with fluorescence microscopy and microfluidic devices
Single Molecule DNA sequencing and Photophysics of Dye - nucleotide conjugates

Ice crystal movies: 
Fluorescence Ice;   Rotation Accumulation on basal plane
Ice growth and thermal hysteresis: TmAFP

Links:   Ice Binding Proteins Conference August 2011 , Web of Science , Helicos BioSciences


ERC - European Research Council
IRG - Marie Curie International Reintegration Grants
ISF - Israel Science Faundation
NSF - National Science Faundation
BNNT - The Biomimetic Nanoscience and Nanoscale Technology initiative at Ohio University
NQPINanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute


Ido Braslavsky,
Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ohio University, Athens ,Ohio, 45701
& Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel   &
phone: +972-8-94-89932