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Fall 2016 Schedule
Spring 2017 Schedule
2015-2016 series
(Physics & Astronomy Colloquium)

Fall 2016

DateSpeaker Affiliation TitleContact
  August 25    
  September 1   Lucas Vazquez Besteiro   Ohio University Hot Carrier Generation in Plasmonic Nanoparticles Sergio Ulloa
  September 8   Peter Jung   Ohio Univeristy Slow Axonal Transport, Axon Morphology and Neuronal Function Sergio Ulloa
  September 15    
  September 22   Vanessa Sih   University of Michigan Ultrafast optical measurements of spin polarization in semiconductors Sergio Ulloa
  September 29    
  October 6    
  October 13    
  October 20   Marek Grinberg   University of Gdansk, Poland High Pressure Study Of LED Phosphors Doped With Ln3+ And Ln2+ Jadwisienczak
  October 27    
  November 3   Joe Reczek   Denison University Design and Emergent Properties of Modular Aromatic Charge-Transfer Liquid Crystals Sergio Ulloa
  November 10   Walter Lambrecht   Case Western Reserve University Electrons and Phonons in V2O5: a 2D Layered Material with 1D Chains and Strong Correlation Effect Sergio Ulloa
  November 17   Peide Ye   Purdue University From Black Phosphorus to Phosphorene Sergio Ulloa
  December 1   Joel Vaughn   Wolfram Labs What Happens If You Put A Physicist In A Box? Nancy Sandler

Spring 2017

DateSpeaker Affiliation Title Contact
  January 12    
  January 19    
  January 26   Nathan Guisinger   Argonne National Laboratory Atomic-Scale Exploration of Synthetic Low Dimensional Materials Saw Hla
  February 2   Philipp Ebert   Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Germany) Band Offsets in III-V Nanowires Determined by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Arthur R. Smith
  February 9   Robert Silva, Jr.   Ohio University Intellectual Property Protection and the Commercialization Process at Ohio Eric Stinaff
  February 16    
  February 23  Andy Dorsett  Wolfram Research Mathematica 11 in Education and Research Peter Jung
  March 2   Badri Shyam   Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory Structural Studies of Sub-micron Amorphous Thin Films using Grazing-incidence X-ray Total Scattering Dave Drabold
  March 16    
  March 23   Lutz Schimansky-Geier   Humboldt University Self-Organized Escape Processes of Linear Chains in Nonlinear Potentials Alexander Neiman
  March 30   Andrew J. Green   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Wide Band Gap Semiconductors for Radio Frequency and Power Switch Operation Hugh Richardson
  April 6 Katharina Vollmayr-Lee   Bucknell University   Universal Aging Dynamics of Silica Horacio Castillo
  April 13   Federico Rosei   INRS-Energie (National Institute for Energy, Materials and Telecommunication), University du Quebec, Montreal, Canada Mentorship for Young Scientists: Developing Scientific Survival Skills Sasha Govorov
  April 20   Jōrn Dunkel   Massachusetts Institute of Technology Geometric Control of Pattern Formation in Elastic Materials and Active Fluids Alexander Neiman
  May 11   Artur Podhorodecki   Wroclaw University of Science & Technology Lanthanides Doped Inorganic Nanocrystals Wojciech Jadwisienczak

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