Condensed Matter & Surface Sciences





Kent State University



Shift Current in Two-Dimensional Ferroelectrics




In recent years, it has become clear the need for efficiently harvesting solar energy.  Unfortunately, silicon-based solar cells with high efficiency are very costly.  These devices rely on pn-junctions to separate positive and negative charge carries.  In this talk, I propose to explore a less known (but very interesting) non-linear optical effect, so-called `shift current’, to generate large photocurrent beyond the pn-junction paradigm.  I will describe the shift-current mechanism in bulk ferroelectrics, in two-dimensional ferroelectrics and its relation to spontaneous electric polarization.  Importantly, material candidates with large shift current will be studied which are promising for optoelectronic applications.





Thursday, December 7, 2017

4:10 p.m. -- Walter Lecture Hall 245