Condensed Matter & Surface Sciences





James Madison University



A Journey Into the Worlds of Conductive Polymers, Thermoelectric Semiconductors, Magnetic Graphenes, and Magnetic Doped Indium Tin Oxides




This presentation will focus on the four main projects that my research group worked on during my tenure track at James Madison University. In chronological order, the first project is concerned with understanding the electrical conduction mechanism of PEDOT:PSS polymers treated with sulfuric acid. The second project tries to explain the existence (or the nonexistence!) of Giant Seebeck coefficient in manganese oxide powders as a function of particle size and electrical resistance. In the third project, we use Atomistix toolkit software to understand the interaction between magnetic substituted transition--‐metals atoms into graphene superlattices and non--‐magnetic carbon atoms. Finally, the most recent and fourth project deals with understanding the correlation between magnetron sputtering growth dynamics and electrical/magnetic properties in manganese doped indium thin oxide thin films.




Thursday, October 5, 2017

4:10 p.m. -- Walter Lecture Hall 245