Rik Williams

Carnegie Observatories

"Galaxy and Group Assembly in the Thermal Era"

Abstract: A dazzling array of galaxy surveys now conclusively show that massive elliptical galaxies emerged far earlier than previously thought, but they undergo little in situ star formation to the present day. Even so, over the past 10 Gyr these galaxies exhibit dramatic changes in size, morphology, and environment, with groups and clusters of galaxies largely emerging during this period (and perhaps influencing the evolution of the galaxies within them). I will present an overview of our recent efforts to quantify and understand the processes which shape the evolution of galaxies and groups in this z<2 "thermal era," when cosmic star formation is winding down and the baryons are heating up.

January 22, 2014

This colloquium will be held at Walter Hall, Room 245, on Wednesday at 4:10 pm