Henry Clark

Texas A&M University

"Radioactive Ion Beam Physics at the Cyclotron Institute"

Abstract: The Cyclotron Institute at Texas A&M University is upgrading its accelerator facilities to extend research capabilities with both stable and radioactive beams. The upgrade is divided into three major tasks: (1) re-commission the K-150 (88) cyclotron, couple it to existing beam lines to provide intense stable beams into the K-500 experimental areas and use it as a driver to produce radioactive beams; (2) develop light ion and heavy ion guides for stopping radioactive ions created with the K-150 beams; and (3) transport 1+ ions from the ionguides into a charge-breeding electron cyclotron-resonance ion source (CBECR) to produce highly-charged radioactive ions for acceleration in the K-500 cyclotron. When completed, the upgraded facility will provide high quality re-accelerated secondary beams in a unique energy range in the world.

January 31, 2014

This colloquium will be held at Walter Hall, Room 245, on Friday at 4:10 pm