Physics 755: Nuclear Theory

Winter 1999

                             Instructor:  Prof. Charlotte Elster
                             Office:        242-C Clippinger
                             URL: ~elster/phys755/index.html

                            This course is mainly intended for those students who completed the sequence of nuclear courses last year.
                            Of course everybody is welcome!

                            Class meeting times: MWF, 2:10pm - 3:00pm, Conference Room, Accelerator Lab.
                                                               (changes are possible if conflicts occur)

                            The first meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 8, 1999

Course Content

                            The following topics are going to be addressed during the course:

                            On-line Journals:

Physical Review C
Phyisical Review Online Archive
OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center e-Print archive
ISI Institute for Scientific Information
Nijmegen: NN On-Line
SAID Partial Wave Analysis Facility

                     Lecture Notes:

Table of Contents
1. The Nucleon-Nucleon System
2. More on the Nucleon-Nucleon Force
3. The 3N Bound State
4. The 4N Bound State

W. Gloeckle: The 3N Scattering State

Charlotte Elster
Mon Dec 21 12:51:33 EST 2000