Gabriela Popa, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
College of Arts and Scinces
240 Elson Hall
Ohio University
Zanesville, OH 43701

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Nobel prize for 2007
Nobel prize in Physics 2006 (George Smoot, raised in Columbus, Ohio)
Nobel Prize in Physics 1983 (William A. Fowler, raised in Lima, Ohio)
A 125 Questions: What Don't We Know?

Research in nuclear structure is focused on studies of dynamics, deformations, and bulk properties. In my research I study nuclear structure effects such as shapes and decay lifetimes through nuclear models. I also use algebraic theories such as SU(3) model.

Ph.D. in Physics Louisiana State University
Advisor: Prof. J. P. Draayer
Bs. in Physics, University of Bucharest, with specializationNuclear Physics and Elementary Particles,Romania,
Nicolas Copernicus Research Teaching
1 Martie storks in Poland 2007

Science News:

  • Papers show Isaac Newton's religious side (2007/June/15)
  • the new global standard kilogram (2007/June/15)
  • Biographer delves into life of Einstein (2007/Mai/22)
  • Smallest Pyramids in the Universe (a nucleus) (2006/August, 22)

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