Swati Gupta

Graduate Student of the Astrophysical Institute at Ohio University

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At Work:

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Clippinger 338A
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701 - 2979
Phone: (740) 593 1711
Fax: (740) 593 0433
E-mail: gupta@helios.phy.ohiou.edu

At Home:

38, N.McKinley Ave
Apt 011, Athens
OH 45701
Phone: (740)592 9622

Current Research

At present, I am working with Dr.Markus Böttcher on the time dependant theoretical modelling of Microquasar jets. The microquasars recently discovered in our Galaxy offer a unique opportunity for a deep insight into the physical processes in relativistic jets observed in different source populations. Being much closer to us than extragalactic sources, they offer an opportunity for monitoring the jets over much shorter spatial and temporal scales. The rapid variability of these sources offer a challenge for models of particle energization in their jets. I am investigating the time dependent radiation signatures expected from jets of microquasars. Analytical solutions to the electron acceleration and cooling along the jet have been developed and will be used to evaluate the time-dependent electron and resulting photon spectra. Later on, emphasis would be put on the expected appearance of such systems when oriented at small viewing angles (microblazars). Finally, I would address the issue of the recently suggested connection between microblazars and ultra luminous X ray sources (ULXs), and thus holds the potential of shedding light into the much debated formation mechanism of ULXs.
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Here's my slight brush with Observational Astrophysics :
A project for the ASTR510 course (Spring'04).
Work and Pictures from the MDM observing run (September'05).


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