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251B Clippinger Laboratories
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
Tel: 740-274-0109

Proc. Nat. Academy of Sciences
Biophysical Society
Biophysical Journal
Research Assistant
Ohio University

Born in Ibadan 26 years ago but grew up in Lagos, Nigeria

Ph.d Ohio University Since 2003
B.Sc University of Ibadan, Nigeria 1995-2000
Research Interests

Experimental determination of the response of single cell adhesion molecules to applied forces Computer simulations to determine receptor-ligand adhesive phenotype from structure
    * Understanding the mechanical properties of biological macromolecules
    * Using cell adhesion molecule adhesive properties for sensors, biomimetic materials and drug targeting
Advisor: David F.J. Tees, Ph.D
USA Datanet
Sulaiman Kareem