This figure shows values for extracted from calculations by J.A. Niskanen for different neutron lab energies as a function of the neutron-deuteron center of mass angle. The contributions to that were included in the calculation are: the n-p mass difference (), mixing, mixing, and mixing. Although mixing is a large contribution to the analyzing power difference in elastic n-p scattering measured at 183 MeV, the contribution from this to near 280 MeV is on the same order as the contributions and are not plotted in this figure. The symbols plotted on this figure are the angle integrated values for at the indicated neutron energies.

As the figure shows, when only contributions are included is positive and ranges from (3 to 13) for the different neutron energies. However, adding the contributions from the meson mixing discussed above changes the sign, shape, and magnitude of for all neutron energies with the integrated values for ranging from (-36 to -81). Interpolating to 281 MeV gives a value of , which is experimentally measurable if the systematic uncertainties are understood to much better than this level.

The exchange of a mixed or meson, and the quark level differences in couplings all have the CSB effect of introducing a difference in the and couplings, which make no contribution in elastic scattering.

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Richard T. Waters
27 August 1996