Front End Chambers

The FEC's used in this experiment are three sets of paired multi-wire proportional chambers, each set having two orthogonal planes with a wire spacing of 1mm. The cathode-anode gap is 1/8", and is filled with magic gas. The upstream and downstream chambers, called FECM and FEC0, respectively, are both oriented in the x-y plane amd are separated by a distance of 33 cm. The third chamber, called EFF, is situated between the other two and oriented at an angle of 40 degrees. This chamber will be used to resolve ambiguities in multi-track events, and will also provide redundant information so that chamber efficiencies can be monitored. The readout from these chambers will be done with multi-hit LeCroy 1877 TDC's, and the timing information will be used for event definition, enabling 1/2-wire-spacing resolution.

The active area for each of the chambers is as follows:

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Richard T. Waters
8 September 1996