ECT* Workshop on
Bound States and Resonances in Effective Field Theories

     Trento, Italy, Sep 29 - Oct 3, 2008







Session 1:  


(Chair: van Kolck)

Session 3:  

Nucleons and Deltas 

(Chair: McGovern)

Session 5:  

Lattice Studies 

(Chair: Vanderhaeghen)

Session 6:  

Nuclear Pionless 

(Chair: Phillips)

Session 8:   

Recent + Summaries 

(Chair: Pascalutsa)

  9.20 Welcome, goals, etc.

  9:30 Schindler

  9:30 Ishizuka

  9:30 Hammer

  9:30 Ando

  9.40 Colangelo

10.00 Lensky

10.00 Aubin

10.00 Higa

10.00 Bruns

10.20 Rusetsky

10.30 Long

10.30  Beane

10.30 Griesshammer

10.30 Highlights (2,3)

11.00 Coffee

11.00 Coffee

11.00 Coffee

11.00 Coffee

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Orginos

11.30 Vanderhaeghen

11.30 Parreno 

11.30 Platter

11.30 Highlights (4,5)

12.10 Timmermans

12.00 Camalich

12.00  Faccioli

12.00 van Kolck

12.00 Highlights (6,7))

12.50 Discussion

12.30 Discussion

12.30 Discussion

12.30 Discussion

12.30 Closing

13.00 Lunch

13.00 Lunch

13.00 Lunch

13.00 Lunch

13.00 Lunch

Session 2:  


(Chair: Colangelo/Bijnens)

Session 4:  

Excited Hadrons 

(Chair: Lee)


Session 7:  

Nuclear Pionful 

(Chair: Beane)

15.00 Bijnens

15.00 Thoma

15.00 Birse

15.30 Gegelia

15.30 Julia-Diaz

15.30 Epelbaum

16.00 Roca

16.00 Hanhart

16.00 Soto

16.30 Tea

16.30 Tea

16.30 Tea

17.00 Leupold

17.00 Downie

17.00 Valderrama

17.30  Pelaez

17.30 Young

17.30 Calle Cordon

18.00 Discussion

18.00 Discussion

18.00 Discussion

19.00 Reception 


Conference dinner


Farewell dinner

Note: some shuffling of talks within sessions is still possible and/or likely

Organizing Committee:

Vladimir Pascalutsa (Mainz/ECT*)
Daniel Phillips (Ohio/Manchester)
Ines Campo (ECT*), Secretary

Final list of talks (all titles received as of September 15):

Shung-ichi Ando (Manchester) "Pionless EFT for astro-nuclear physics"

Christopher Aubin (William & Mary) "Delta Magnetic Moments Using a Background Field Method on the Lattice"

Johan Bijnens (Lund) "Chiral Mesons at Two Loops: Recent Progress"

Peter Bruns (Bonn) "Infrared regularization for vector mesons and baryons"

Jorge Martin Camalich (Valencia) "The Nucleon-to-Delta axial form factors in relativistic chiral perturbation theory"

Christoph Hanhart (FZ, Juelich) "Are there signals of hadronic molecules in the meson and baryon spectra?"

Hans-Werner Hammer (Bonn) "Universality in QCD and Halo Nuclei"

Renato Higa (Bonn) "Resonances and Electromagnetic interactions in Halo EFT"

Naruhito Ishizuka (Tsukuba) "Calculation of the rho-meson decay width on the lattice"

Stefan Leupold (Giessen), "Different nature of rho and a1"

Jose Pelaez (Madrid), "Light meson resonances in unitarized ChPT and their dependence on Nc and quark masses"

Akaki Rusetsky (Bonn), "Hadronic atoms in QCD: an overview"

Luis Roca (Murcia), "Scalar mesons in gamma gamma --> pi pi"

Joan Soto (Barcelona) "Nucleon-nucleon effective theory with dibaryon fields"

Rob Timmermans (Groningen/KVI), "Chiral EFT for the two-nucleon system: pining for the fjords?"

Bira van Kolck (Arizona), "From Nuclei to Cold Atoms and Back"

Ross Young (Argonne), "Baryon SU(3) Chiral Extrapolations"