Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ph.D. Physics 1979, University of Bombay, India

           Madappa Prakash has a broad range of interests that include nuclear and particle physics, the physics of high energy heavy-ion collisions, and astrophysics. Beginning with the nuclear fission process in his Ph.D. thesis, his research has covered many of the myriad phenomena that occur in nuclei and in nuclear matter under extreme conditions of density, temperature, and magnetic fields. His work has illuminated the role of the equation of state of dense matter in nuclear collisions from low to very high energies and the structure of neutron stars. His investigations of strangeness-bearing matter led him to discover new pathways to form stellar mass black holes from metastable neutron stars. His recent work includes the evolution of neutron stars from their birth to old age, neutrino interactions and propagation in dense astrophysical systems, and the theoretical interpretation of the closest known neutron star. He is currently developing equations of state and neutrino opacities for studies of supernovae and binary mergers of compact objects.

Prakash loves teaching, cricket, reading, gardening, and films.




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