Department of Physics & Astronomy
251A Clippinger Labs, Ohio University
Athens, OH45701
Office - 357A Clippinger Labs: (740) 593-1694
Lab - 367 & 355 Clippinger Labs: (740) 593-1725
Fax: (740) 593-0433

David F. J. Tees, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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David Tees


  • Current research (Including research opportunities for grad and undergrad students)
  • Determination of neutrophil behavior in the lung capillary environment using in vitro techniques
  • Experimental determination of the response of single cell adhesion molecules to applied forces
  • Computer simulations to determine receptor-ligand adhesive phenotype from structure
  • Using cell adhesion molecule adhesive properties for sensors, biomimetic materials and drug targeting


  • PHYS 461/561 - Cell and Molecular Biophysics: A Biophysics course developed in 2002 and taught in Fall quarter every second year (2004, 2006). It should be taught in Fall 2008.
  • PHYS 200 series (PHYS 201, 202 and 203)-- Introductory Physics (without calculus): Courses focus on concepts and use a modified version of Peer Instruction (with reading quizzes and feedback on LON-CAPA and using PRS clickers in class).
  • PHYS 299T -- Tutorial: Tutorials for students in the Honors Tutorial College (HTC)
  • PHYS 601 -- Graduate Laboratory: Experience with equipment (SEM, EDX, X-Ray Diffraction, STM, AFM) and presentation of results (paper, poster, webpages and abstracts).


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